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Book is mental nutrition.

Empathy was established under the Educational institutions for only publication reason. Empathy is where our students are unformed about education opportunities within Mongolia as well as opportunities abroad. Empathy publishes a magazine called “New Universe” every three months.Empathy publishing company continues with its activities and publications not only to enhance the culture, education and knowledge of the Mongolian people but also to influence students to become individuals with morals and ethics that are useful to society. Empathy has gained e special place in the hearts of Mongolia’s with the publications of books like personal developments, social relations, family and book on raising kids. 128 books that were published by Empathy up until now has always been or the top of the chart for best seller books in Mongolia. The book “education stories” was published in 2009 and ever since its publication it has been in the top 5 best seller books..

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